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Mwikali Words

This is for the freedom song a bird sang

after fearing flight for far too long.


This space is for the free beings

and the ones who still

wish to be free.


This is for healing

and growing

and journeying. 


This is a love story.

It has been a love story,

the whole time. 

Lights in the Dark

Love: Discovery, Recovery, & Relapse

This is the story of an unapologetic addict. It is the clumsy beauty of the discovery... the messiness of the recovery... and the inescapable realization that she was hooked.

Love discover recovery

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This book is everything.
It's sexy, very sexy! It's emotional, it's deep, it's relatable to the love lost, to the love we seek and the love we crave! It has every emotions you want when reading poetry! The writing is beautiful. Two thumbs up!!!

There are books that I read and feel happy but then forget about with time. However, there are those books that you bookmark throughout and come back to every so often when you're feeling something that you can't express. This author provides a way for those that are not poetic like myself, to express those emotions in that moment. Love and heartbreak is expressed better than I could ever say and I love turning those pages with a good glass of wine and some light music playing. If you want a book that pulls at your emotions and allows you to escape for a bit then get it ASAP. You'll discover yourself in many different ways.

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June 26th, 2021 @2pm Virtual Self-Publishing Workshop 


About Mwikali Words

Mwikali Words is an author, poet,  jeweler,  spoken word artist,  creative consultant,  writing coach, jeweler and

overall creative being hailing from  the Gaden State. 

Words is a gem-spitter... a blossoming bird... a motivator... a compassionate creator...

a free being. 



"May you feel the fullness of your flight. 

May the love lift you high. 

May the words inspire. 

May the dreams still call you

by name. "

- Mwikali Words

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